Why Antivirus Software is Important?

Why Antivirus Software is Important?
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There is no doubt that the world runs on computers. In fact, researchers project that there will be around 95 million desktops, 155 million laptops and 185 million tablets by 2020. All these gadgets help in keeping companies afloat, economies healthy, and people at work. Also, they act as communication tools. However, these gadgets are always at risk of attacks. Because of this, antivirus protection is necessary to ensure that they are, and you are safe from:

a) Phishing
b) SQL Injection
c) Trojans
d) Worms
e) Credential Reuse
f) Session Hijacking
g) And other nasty and harmful viruses

  • Antivirus Keeps Your Devices Functioning Properly

Importantly, you need this type of software to ensure the computer never runs slowly. Apart from that, the software stops computers from failing to boot up. Viruses and malware are notorious for slowing things down. Protecting the computers or laptops using the best antivirus is crucial if they are to function properly. Do not forget that viruses are dangerous at sending out harmful, hurtful and unauthorized messages from your device too.

  • Antivirus Protects Confidential Information

Furthermore, people leave their personal and confidential details in laptops, computers and tablets. Different types of viruses are capable of obtaining and distributing such information to the wrong people. Failure to install antivirus protection is akin to leaving the door to your house ajar when you know very well that the property is located in one of the most crime-ridden parts of the city. Thieves, burglars, and all manner of criminals will have a field day.

  • Free vs. Paid Antivirus

You have the option of choosing between installing:

– free malware removal software
– paid antivirus software

If your computer requires only minimal protection, the free software would work just fine. However, a system that stores sensitive information (such as written documents, photos, banking details, business information and anything that can lead to huge losses if it falls into the wrong hands) requires protection via paid software. Free antivirus and/or malware protection software provides some protection, but only at the bare minimum levels. Paid software gives you the maximum protection that you need.

As crucial as the antivirus protection is, you still need to be vigilant. The reason for this is no single antivirus software can guarantee 100% protection. New and more dangerous viruses enter the field each day. Take the necessary precautionary measures to keep your gadget safe. For example, be careful not to click the wrong or virus-filled links on the Internet. Do not click any link whose veracity and safety you’re not sure about.

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